1st entry + Mottocon

Hey everyone ur dorky dawniie here !! <3
so i decided i needed to get stuff out of my chest, and whats best that writing it down and receiving 1 or 2 comments bout it back? >w< heee! soo i decided to tell bout my life here, show up some artwork as well (WIPs) and to have fun in the process : )
so today i had this talk with Avencri (at DA) and he asked if i was attending mottocon or not (a con that will be held where i live, monterrey mexico), many good artists will be attending this year so of course i cant miss it ! the thing is, he said he was going to be on a stand with the other artists, and i stayed with the idea of opening my own stand next year. what do u guys think? would u stop to stare at my stand? would u buy a sticker or 2 if u could come?