Dont let me get me

Wheeeww, tough days for dawniie :3 commissions going on and i've been kind of sick, but nothing to worry about since i seem to be getting better 8) heee!! So whats been on lately? i went to the zoo with my bf !! omg it was so muuch fun, we were squeeing n giggling like little girls all the time. We saw some really pretty animals including jaguars, tigers, cougers, elephants, white peacocks n some other animals we've never seen before like a coati, which we fell in love with instantly! there were some other pretty funny parts too, but i'll tell n show em to you later on when i transfer the photos and videos to my pc :3 im feeling lazy right now hurhurhur.
anywaaays, at the zoo we ate some burgers and delicious french fries which gave me a goddamn stomach ache that made my belly twist n.. gave me a need for an EMERGENCY stop at the restroom. Damn was i ashamed! we stopped at my house on where i made him wait a looong time outside @@ how embarrasing... once i got on his car he was like ''how did it go miss?" omg could he make it any more difficult!? ahahaha such a day n_n

Talking bout my bf, i introduce u guys his character: Czar (a canadian lynx) right next to my mutant nidoran: Nyuna :3
Finally we decided on his character's design, and now much much art of them both will be appearing :3 yaysss !!! arent they kyute ?!?! tee hee

And so i decided to show some more pics, even though they are old i hope u like em : )
Once again we got nyuna here, out of character of course, since she is supposed to be lead singer of a jrock band. This pic was done before setting her personality and she is in some battle clothes that my sister designed for her character "nayuki". The lolipop is there for fun, look at it levitate and be amused 8D

And this other image was a gift for a friend at college who was really depressed after she broke up with her 2 year bf. nyaahh i thought a lil gift would cheer her up, and so it did help a bit n_n she seemed really excited bout the pic and had it with her all day long : ) mission accomplished !
and its funny cos we r both red haired, she is the one with the lolita headband (she actually dresses that way for college, and always wears skirts) and the one with the kitty ears is meh ! : D ur adorable furgirl~


Scaramouche said...

why is it called "done let me get me"? i dont get it lol hahaha....anyways.....dude i wanna go to the zoo, ive been watching lots of animals online, i have one of this tiny cute tiger OMG luv him so much....i want one....but yeah love the zoos....i learn so much just the way Luna (my cat) yeah i took her to get the operation so she wont be able to have so sad
she was so afraid.....well gotta go honey....i fucking luv u
hope ur feeling better and yeah...u know i love ur art

Czar said...

Hey, baby how are ya?

n_n the zoo was so amazing! I had a blast :3
I hope we can go again in the future and meet our little friend again, haha.
Keep going with your blog, hunny. I love coming here and reading your thoughts!
I can't wait to see you again, it feels like forever since I've last tasted your beautiful lips.

Mysti said...

Powah to the Canadian lynx!

So many cute doodles~ Yeeee

Temrin said...

Teehee, cant wait to see pictures of the zoo trip. i love animals ^^ teehee. and im really glad your getting better!!!!!!!

and wonderful pictures ^^ teehee cute couple ~.^

i bought myself an xbox 360 and rock band two yesterday. ._. lots of money. but it was all thankt o my lovely family who never knows what to get me for xmas so i get money XD One big present this year. And im LOVING it. lol. *makes air guitart sounds and she strums the air* teehee